S P D - Alabama

Exam Announcements/Job Listings
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   Current Announcements
Current Exam Announcements are opened with a close/expiration date. Applications will only be accepted during this period and no names will be added to the register until after the close/expiration date.

   Continuous Announcements
Continuous Exam Announcements are opened with no pre-determined close/expiration date. Examinations are conducted at frequent intervals and names are added to the eligible register if they qualify.

   Promotional Announcements (State Employees Only)
Promotional Exam Announcements are available to qualified applicants who are permanent classified employees in line for promotion to the classification being announced.

   Direct Appointment Announcements
Direct Appointment Announcements are filled directly by various departments across the State. No employment register is maintained.

   Positions Not Currently Open for Application
The following is a list of jobs that the State of Alabama periodically hires for but are not currently open for application. If you would like to be notified when one of these jobs comes open then simply select the job, complete the required information and submit it to us. We will email you when we are again accepting applications.