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This division certifies the “lawfulness” of state payrolls and reviews personnel actions affecting payrolls and an employee’s personnel record. The staff includes professional, technical, and clerical employees. The division is comprised of two teams along functional lines; one concerned with the personnel process and the other with payroll process. This division is headed by a Manager reporting directly to the Personnel Director.

The Payroll Audit Process

The Payroll Audit unit is responsible for certifying the "lawfulness" of all state payrolls before the State Comptroller can issue payments. To accomplish this enforcement responsibility, the Payroll Audit unit reviews all personnel actions affecting payroll which occur in the State each pay period, i.e., each two weeks. These actions range from a raise, promotion, suspension, demotion, termination, etc. Specialized personnel actions may include advance sick leave, leave without pay, on the job injury, and probationary period. Payroll Audit verifies that the agencies are within the limits established by the State Merit System concerning salary, leave, termination payments, etc.

The Personnel Audit Process

The Personnel Audit unit audits personnel related transactions to assure the correct statistical data is recorded in an employee’s computerized personnel file in order that Federal and State Reporting requirements are met. They also assure the appropriate paper documentation is obtained for the employee paper personnel file. The information captured on an employee’s automated personnel file is used to prepare statistical reports. Specific data relating to each individual State employee is also captured and audited such as type of actions, employment type, date entered classification, race, sex, date of birth, etc. Some examples of reports generated by Personnel Audit include the number of new hires in the State Merit System, Quarterly Employment, EEO reports, termination reports, Court New Hires, Court Promotions, and other statistical reports. Personnel Audit also maintains the State’s automated pay plan which is used to calculate an employee’s pay in the GHRS (government human resource system). They also maintain the pay plan which can be referenced by agencies that have on-line access to the State Personnel System.

Importance of the Division

Personnel Audit along with Payroll Audit assures the employee is properly identified in the automated personnel payroll system. Every personnel action relating to an employee is audited before automated approval is granted in order that every aspect of appointment, transfer, etc., is correct including, but not limited to, pay. Before salary checks can be issued to a state agency by the Comptroller, the Personnel Director must approve the department's payroll. By applying automated approvals to personnel transactions, Payroll and Personnel Audit accomplishes this task. Law violations must be corrected or deleted by the agencies before such approval is given.

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