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The Certification Division is the focal point of enforcement of the Merit System Law. The Division is headed by a Section Manager reporting to a Division Manager. The diversified tasks in this division include maintaining the registers, issuing certifications, and monitoring and enforcing the law regarding employment practices. The staff includes professional, technical, and clerical employees.

The Certification Process

After (1) classifications are established by the Board, (2) positions are approved, and (3) examinations are administered and scored, the results are furnished to the Certification Division. These "test" results, in rank order from high score to low score, are called registers. It is the responsibility of this unit, upon request, to issue a "certification" which is a list of the applicants in the top ten on the register. Since all tie scores are certified, sometimes there are more than ten names, depending on the number of applicants who performed well on the examination. During the process of issuing certifications, the fine points of court orders as well as state and federal laws are monitored and enforced per agencies involved.

Types of Registers

There are several different types of registers available for use by state agencies. Open-competitive registers contain applicants who have met the minimum qualifications and who may or may not already work for the State. Promotional registers include only current state employees who have met the minimum examination requirements and who are in line for a promotion. Departmental promotional registers include only current state employees in a specific department who meet the minimum job requirements and who are in line for a promotion. Reemployment registers are composed of former state employees who had status, (i.e., who have successfully completed a probationary period), who have left state service in good standing and who have been recommended for re-employment by department management. Lay-off registers are composed of employees who have been laid off from their permanent state jobs and who have an absolute right to the first available job in their former job class. A lay-off register takes precedence over any other register in the filling of a vacancy in the department where the employee was laid off, and over open-competitive registers for any other state agency. Aside from this one restriction, an appointing authority may select any available register to fill a vacancy.


The Certification Division is the central point for the enforcement of Merit system rules and regulations by ensuring registers are processed and applicants appointed in accordance with the rules of the State Personnel Board.

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