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*** State of Alabama Personnel Covid-19 Information click here.

We are temporarily accepting reservations for all written examinations administered by State Personnel. We will be taking reservations for the test period of Monday, June 22, 2020, through Friday, June 26, 2020. Reservations will be accepted until Wednesday, June 10th or until we have met our maximum occupancy.

All tests will be given at our testing center location at 60 Commerce Street, 4th floor, downtown Montgomery.

In order for you to reserve a space in the test center, State Personnel must have a current accepted application on file by Wednesday, June 10th. Written examination notices will be mailed out on June 12th if you meet the minimum qualifications for the test you are wanting to take.

To schedule yourself to take a written examination during the Monday, June 22nd through Friday, June 26th test period, please call the weekday test line at (334) 353-3492. Please clearly leave the name of the test you want to take, your name, your social security number, and your daytime telephone number.

See below the list of examinations that will be offered during this test period:

10196 Administrative Support Assistant I
10197 Administrative Support Assistant II
10198 Administrative Support Assistant III
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate - Mainframe/Midrange option (399)
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate - Networking option (400)
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate - Database option (401)
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate - Generalist option (402)
10601 Account Clerk
10605 Accounting Technician
10612 Staff Accountant
10613 Senior Accountant
10660 Budget Analyst
10713 Revenue Compliance Officer I
10829 Departmental Personnel Specialist
10875 Retirement Counselor
10911 Stock Clerk I
10951 Buyer, Associate
11231 Insurance Examiner
11251 Public Utility Analyst I
11408 Employment Service Representative
11436 Employment Service Unit Supervisor
11451 Unemployment Insurance Field Deputy
11461 Unemployment Compensation Technician
11681 Fire Fighter/Driver Operator
11978 Departmental Operations Specialist
20111 Engineering Assistant I
20614 Environmental Scientist
20652 Public Health Environmentalist
20751 Microbiologist
21231 Planning & Economic Develop Specialist I
40641 Disease Intervention Specialist
40761 Health Services Administrator I
50222 Financial Support Supervisor
50247 Financial Support Worker I
50340 Classification Specialist
50401 Disability Specialist Trainee
50419 Medicaid Eligibility Specialist
60410 Driver License Examiner I
60712 Correctional Sergeant
60714 Correctional Lieutenant
60715 Correctional Captain
60805 Youth Services Senior Aide
60932 Probation & Parole Specialist
70798 Conservation Enforcement Officer Trainee